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Why A Boat Console Cover Is A Smart Investment

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As a new owner of a center console boat, you want to do all that you can to maximize the lifespan of this investment. There are many ways of doing so, but don't overlook the value of buying a cover for the console. While many boat owners cover the entire surface of their boats during the off-season, simply covering the center console when the boat isn't in use is a good idea. You can put this cover on and take it off again in a short amount of time, stowing the cover in one of the boat's storage spots when you don't need it. Here are some reasons that a boat console cover is a smart investment.

It Prevents Sun Damage

If you store your center console boat at a local marina or even on a trailer on your property, it will be subject to countless hours of sunlight over the coming years. This can be a concern because the sun has the potential to cause damage. For example, it can cause the windshield on your center console to develop somewhat of an opaque consistency over time, and it may also cause the console itself to fade in color. The simple addition of a console cover can dramatically limit the exposure of the console to the sun, thus preventing this problem.

It Prevents Water Damage

Boating in the rain will subject your center console to moisture, but this isn't a major concern in isolated incidents. What is a concern, however, is having the console soaked for prolonged periods of time — for example, when it rains all day and all night, and the boat is sitting out in the rain. Water can eventually get into your console's display panels and perhaps even cause electrical issues over time. These problems may limit your ability to use the boat and lead to significant repair bills. Keeping the console covered, however, will prevent this sort of damage.

It Deters Pest

Most types of boat covers are helpful for keeping pests at bay, and this is true of a console cover. You don't want any type of pest having prolonged access to the console. Squirrels, for example, might chew at the console in an attempt to get inside, while wasps could attempt to make a nest under an overhang on the front edge of the console. Your console cover will make it more difficult for these pests to gain access to the area, which should compel them to move along.

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