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4 Tips For Beginning Archers

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Archery is a great upper body workout that allows you to test and improve your hand-eye coordination. You can practice shooting at targets or even take your archery skills hunting, if you're interested in catching quarry. Here are four tips that will help you get started as a beginning archer:

1. Wear an arm guard.

Arm guards are optional, but it's a good idea for beginners to wear them. Ideally, you should pull your bowstring straight back, which will allow the arrow to fly straight. If you pull the bowstring back at an angle, it can snap against your arm, which will cause significant bruising. An arm guard is a curved plastic plate that fits over your forearm. It will protect your arm in case you accidentally hit it with the bowstring. Many beginners feel more comfortable while wearing an arm guard, which will allow them to draw the bow more confidently.

2. Find an experienced teacher.

If you have never shot a bow and arrow before, you should find an experienced teacher who can coach you through the basics. Archery books and instructional videos can be great supplemental material, but there's no substitute for having a teacher guide you through the steps initially. Look for archery lessons in your area. Some archery ranges offer beginner's classes for members. If your archery range doesn't offer classes, you may be able to meet someone who wouldn't mind giving you a few private lessons to get you started.

3. Practice proper form.

Proper form is very important for both safety and accuracy. When you nock your arrow, you should keep it pointed in a safe direction at all times. Remember that even blunt arrows can seriously injure someone if you hit them accidentally. Make sure you take the correct stance and practice proper form each and every time you shoot. Don't let yourself slouch into poor posture, even when you get tired. Using poor posture will cause you to fall into bad habits, which can negatively impact your effectiveness as an archer.

4. Practice regularly.

Practice makes perfect. If you want to excel as an archer, you should take every opportunity to practice. Always practice in safe locations. It's not a good idea to shoot in your backyard if you live in a residential area with neighbors, because you might miss and injure someone accidentally. Find an archery shooting range where you can do target practice to improve your aim and bow draw.

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