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Why A Braceless Aboveground Pool Is Better Than One With Braces

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When you're getting quotes to have an aboveground swimming pool installed in your backyard, it's important to evaluate the different types of pools that your local dealer sells. Doing so goes beyond looking at different sizes and shapes. You'll also want to consider the construction of the pools. Many traditional aboveground pools have braces that extend outward from the outer sides of the structure. However, another option is a braceless pool, which lacks these braces. Here are some reasons that a braceless pool is a better choice.

It Has A Cleaner Appearance

If you were to look at images of a traditional aboveground swimming pool with braces versus a braceless version, you would almost certainly feel that the braceless version has a cleaner appearance. Even though your swimming pool will be in your backyard where people won't see it as easily, you still want it to look good. You'll see the pool out your windows countless times over the next several years, and you won't regret the clean and sleek appearance of the braceless design.

It's Easier To Mow Around It

While some homeowners eventually build decks around a part of their aboveground pools or even around the entire structure, this may not be a project that you get to right away. This means that you'll likely spend a summer or two mowing the grass around the pool. When there are braces that extend away from the pool's frame every few feet, you'll have to trim around these structures carefully — often with a weed trimmer, rather than your lawnmower itself. This process takes extra time and requires more effort. The braceless design lacks these obstructions, thus allowing you to mow around the pool quickly and easily.

It's Safer For Children

Many parents teach their children not to run around the deck of an in-ground pool, but you may not have any issues with your kids playing in the yard around your aboveground pool. If you were to have a traditional model with braces, you can be almost certain that one of your children will trip and fall over one of the braces at some point — and this may be an issue that occurs repeatedly as children run and play around the pool. The lack of braces with the braceless model means that this problem won't happen.

For more information, reach out to aboveground swimming pool providers in your area.