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Here's What To Know About Outsourcing The Planning Of Your Upcoming Corporate Event

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Are you thinking about outsourcing the job of planning an upcoming corporate event? Here are a few things you should know.

Choosing a Venue

You can expect your service provider to help you find the perfect venue for your upcoming event, but you'll have to do a little legwork yourself. To make sure that your service provider chooses a venue that meets your needs and expectations, you should make a list of features, amenities, spacing requirements, and other things that are important to you so that they can use the list as reference during their search. You should accompany your service provider to the two or three they venues they consider selecting so that you can help them make the final decision.

Planning the Activities

Whether you want to award employees with plaques, acknowledge colleagues during a speech, or provide games like poker for guests to enjoy during the event, all you should have to do is let your event planner know, and they'll take care of the rest. They will put together a schedule that includes all of the activities you want to feature as well as a lineup of music, intermissions, and other important or time-sensitive activities that people should be aware of.

The schedule can be given to your event crew so that they know exactly what to do while setting up and running the event. The schedules will give your guests and idea of what to expect as the event unfolds.

Feeding Your Guests

Your service provider will also handle the food and drinks for you. Whether you want to set up a buffet, serve a full meal, or have a team of personal chefs cook in real time, your event planner will find the best providers out there and work to negotiate a fair deal for you. They'll plan a menu based on the specific dietary guidelines you provide them with, and they will ensure that there is at least one alternative option for vegans or allergen-intolerant diners.

Cleaning Up Afterward

The last thing you'll want to do after your corporate event ends is worry about cleaning everything up so that you can get your venue deposit back. Luckily, your event planner can hire a crew to do all the cleaning work as soon as the event ends to ensure that all of the rental equipment is promptly returned and nothing gets damaged or stolen.

They will source garbage bags and cans, recycling containers, and even a washing machine and dryer to clean the linens before they're returned. They will make sure that everything is disposed of safely and properly and that the venue management team is happy with the way things are left when all is said and done.