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Equip Your Outdoor Kitchen With One Of These Pizza Ovens

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You might immediately think about barbecues and smokers when you consider the various cooking methods for an outdoor kitchen, but there are other options that may interest you, too. Another cooking device to think about adding to your outdoor kitchen is a pizza oven. You can have a lot of fun hosting pizza parties with your friends. Instead of ordering pizza, you can provide a selection of toppings and encourage people to build their own pies — which you'll then cook in the outdoor kitchen. Here are three types of pizza ovens to consider.

Wood Burning

When many people think about outdoor pizza ovens, they picture those that burn pieces of wood. This type of pizza oven can be fun to add to your outdoor kitchen space because of its authenticity. If you want to cook pizza in a traditional and authentic way, this is the choice for you. Adding a wood-burning pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen should prompt you to think about space to store firewood. While you can have a rack somewhere in your yard, it's handier if you can design your outdoor kitchen to allow you to keep a small supply of wood for the pizza oven in the immediate area.

Wood Pellet

A wood-burning pizza oven offers a lot of advantages, but it also has its challenges. Namely, you'll need to have a source of firewood and you'll need to be adept at building fires. If these things seem challenging to you, another option is to buy a pizza oven that burns wood pellets. It's easier to control the temperature of this type of pizza oven, as you'll do so with a dial instead of by adding more wood or removing some wood. Wood pellets come in large bags, so think about adding a cupboard-style space in your outdoor kitchen to hold this fuel.


Perhaps the simplest type of outdoor pizza oven to operate is one that burns propane. If you can operate a propane grill, you can operate a pizza oven that uses this fuel source. The drawback to this type of oven is that it doesn't give your pizzas that same flavor that a wood fire provides, but it's still adept at cooking them in a manner than is consistent with doing so in your oven. If you're a no-fuss type of person and you want your outdoor kitchen to be as user friendly as possible, a propane pizza oven will be a good choice for you. If you plan to have a propane-burning barbecue in the outdoor kitchen, remember to include adequate space for multiple propane tanks.