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Three Pistol Silencer Finishes That May Appeal To You

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When you shop for a silencer that you'll attach to you your 9 mm pistol, you're probably considering the functionality that this accessory will provide. While the silencer's function might be more important than how it looks, it's important to shop carefully to ensure that you find a product that appeals to you visually. Firearms owners are often meticulous about the look of their firearms, and that includes the accessories that they use. Choose a firearms retailer that has a wide range of accessories to ensure that you can choose from a silencer in one of the following finishes.


Black is one of the most popular finishes for a pistol silencer. A large percentage of 9 mm pistols have a black finish on them, so it makes sense to choose a silencer with a similar hue. Equipping a black pistol with a black silencer will provide a unified look, which is probably a look that you're going for. If you use other attachments on the pistol, such as a red dot sight or a flashlight, you're probably in favor of them being black, too. Black silencers are available in a few different finishes, including varying degrees of matte and glossy, so you'll have no trouble finding a finish that matches your pistol.


If you own a chrome 9 mm pistol, it will make sense to look for a silencer that has a chrome look. It's important to note that chrome can differ slightly in color. For example, some chrome firearms can have more of a blueish tinge than others. If you're keen on ensuring that your silencer is an exact color match, keep this in mind while you shop. As with black silencers, you'll find that some chrome products are finished in a high gloss, while others have more of a muted look.

Ceramic Coated

For firearm owners who wish to go in a semi-unconventional direction, it may be desirable to consider a pistol silencer that has a ceramic coating. This type of coating is popular among gun enthusiasts because of the diverse looks that it can provide. For example, you can get your handgun finished in this coating to give it a camouflage appearance, a patriotic theme, or virtually any other design that appeals to you. If your 9 mm pistol is coated in a specific way, you'll likely want to choose a ceramic-coated silencer to ensure a good visual match.

For more tips on pistol silencers, reach out to a local recreation store.