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Fitness Training: COVID-Friendly HIIT Modifications

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Creating an optimal fitness training facility is all about tailoring your space for functionality and versatility. In today's COVID reality, your fitness training facility also must include modifications to keep your gym open and your customers safe.

Here some COVID-minded modifications you can make for your High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) fitness facilities and protocols.

HIIT Protocols Mods

Some of the most cost-effective, COVID-friendly, solutions for your fitness training facility involves modifying your safety and sanitation protocols. This is particularly important for group HIIT classes.

  • ID Implements: Sharing equipment creates unnecessary risk for your clients, instructors, and staff. For HIIT classes, finding novel ways to identify implements can ensure that equipment isn't shared in the heat of exercise. Before each class, you can provide your clients with ID stickers to place on the implements they use. Once they tag each piece of equipment, they should be instructed to only use tagged implements during the class. You can print color-coded sticker labels for them or strips of masking tape and a sharpy to get the job done. When the class is over, you can also have clients sanitize each implement before removing their ID tags.
  • Cohorts: Although it's impossible to eliminate risk, you can drastically decrease the likelihood of a super-spreading event by creating cohorts for your clients and instructors. In addition to building relationships between your clients and your instructors, creating cohorts for your classes (and within your classes) may compel anxious customers to return to your fitness training facility. When creating your cohorts, begin by reaching out to your clients and instructors. If possible, let them choose the permutation of these groups.

HIIT Facility Mods

Making modifications to your fitness training facility to be more COVID-friendly can come down to common-sense solutions that subtle change how your HIIT classes function.

  • Open Concept: having more open space can create the social distance you'll need to safely conduct HIIT classes. When creating more open space, consider low-maintenance solutions like artificial turf or interlocking rubber mats. For shade, consider investing in a moveable tent and/or hanging shade covers. Simply doubling or tripling the space you allocate for your HIIT course can make them drastically safer. You can also consider moving some of your classes to open public spaces like parks or large parking lots.
  • Air Purification: if creating more outdoor space simply isn't an option, investing in an air purification system can also prevent the spread of airborne pathogens infecting your clients, instructors, and staff.

For more information, reach out to a fitness training service.