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What Do Students Learn at Their First Gymnastics Class?

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For students of all ages, their first gymnastics class can be a little intimidating. The good news is that a student can rest assured knowing you will not be asked to do anything you are uncomfortable with, and you are certainly not expected to know how to do any flips right off the bat.

So, what should you know about your first gymnastics class? There are a few things you might learn in the first session.


Every gymnastics class will emphasize the importance of flexibility. A flexible body is one that is less likely to become injured, which is why so many teachers will instruct students to stretch.

Those who come to class don't need to know anything special about flexibility, nor do they need to be especially flexible. You will simply perform the stretches, hoping that you can move just a little bit further each day. Consistent practice is the key to solid flexibility, so stretching at home can help you feel more comfortable in class.


This one is especially important for young students, but even adults need to know how to listen to their gymnastics instructors. Your instructor will provide you with safety information and tips for improving your form so that you can avoid an injury. It is important that you listen to these cues for your own safety as well as the safety of others in the gym.

Fundamental Body Shapes

Early on, you will learn some of the basic body shapes. This means that you will hear words like "straddle" and "arch." You will learn how to perform these positions safely as a foundation for other body movements.

Basic Tumbling

You will not be expected to perform any flips right away, but you might begin to go over the basic steps of small flips and tumbles. For instance, you will learn how to perform forward rolls without hurting your neck and shoulders.

You may venture into cartwheel territory if you already have some basic skills, but you can build up to these skills even as an adult. You might even learn fun tumbling combinations that help you build confidence with just a few moves.

Try Out a Gymnastic Class Today

You never know if gymnastics is a good fit until you try it for yourself. If you are uncertain what kind of class you should take, an intro course will always help you get your bearings.