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Portable Cooking Gear And Utensils To Bring On A Camping Trip

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If you will be dining in and out of your recreational vehicle during an upcoming camping trip, having access to portable cooking gear will allow you to conveniently prepare meals in whichever setting you choose. Purchase a fryer, a steamer, and a utensil set that can be used for each of your cooking and serving sessions.

A Basket Fryer

A portable fryer may contain a heating element and a deep, stainless steel basket. This type of unit can be placed tableside, along the area where you will serve a meal. A fryer may require the use of propane. An oil containment vessel will be built into the base piece that comprises a fryer assembly. Once the vessel is filled with oil, a propane tank will need to be connected to the base piece.

Contemplate the types of fried foods that you prefer. Fresh fish, chicken, turkey, and potatoes can be coated in batter and placed inside the oil vessel. If you will be relying heavily upon your fishing skills during your camping trip, the steel basket that you use should be long and deep enough to hold the fish varieties that you will potentially be preparing. 

A Steamer

If you prefer healthy meal options and would like to prepare several dishes at the same time, purchase a steamer that contains multiple chambers. The steaming process requires heat to be trapped inside a chamber. An airtight seal will prompt the steaming process.

A steamer that contains multiple chambers will support the steaming of meats, vegetables, and rice. A camping steamer that is designed to be portable may contain a series of cooking chambers that can be removed from a base piece that folds. When you are not using the steamer, stack the chambers and fold up the base. Place the steamer on a shelf or in a closet that is inside your recreational vehicle.

A Utensil Set

A camping utensil set may contain sporks, knives, measuring cups, meat thermometers, and more. Portable utensil sets may contain foldable items that will take up relatively little space. Shop for a set that is constructed of a material that will be easy to clean.

If you are concerned about the pieces within the set becoming lost, invest in a case where all of the items can be stored inside. When you are preparing food or eating a meal, set up a washbasin alongside the area where the utensils will be utilized. This will allow you to promptly clean the utensils after each use. 

For more info, visit a local camping accessories store.