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3 Important Considerations When Purchasing Pool Tables

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Whether you are buying a pool table for your home or business, there are three important considerations to ensure you make the right selection.

They are:

  1. choosing between an American and English pool table
  2. deciding on the size of the pool table
  3. choosing the right playing surface and cabinet materials

Here's a bit of information on each of these important considerations.

Choosing Between an American and English Pool Table

The first selection criteria for buying a pool table is whether you want it to be American or English style. While both types of tables are similar in size, they use two different sized balls and have different sized pockets to accommodate them. For example, English pool tables use balls that are 2" in diameter while American pool tables use balls that measure 2.25" in diameter. So, the pockets on an English table are smaller than those on an American table.

Additionally, English tables use fabric with a knap you can feel with your hand. The knap slows down the balls as they glide across it. In contrast, American pool tables are covered with felt that doesn't have any knap and this results in faster ball movement.

Deciding on the Size of the Pool Table

Both American and English pool tables come in three different sizes. The sizes you see advertised are the external measurement of the table from one end to the other. Typically, the playing surface will be 1 foot smaller than this measurement. For example, a small 7-foot American table is 7 feet long with a playing surface that is 6 feet.

Typically, smaller tables are purchased for home use, while medium and larger tables are used in bars and recreational areas where there is more available room.

When choosing the size of your table, don't forget to leave yourself enough room to walk around it and use your pool cues. 

Choosing the Right Playing Surface and Cabinet Materials

Pool tables are available in a wide variety of different price points. Smaller and less expensive tables are made of laminated wood, while larger and higher-end pool tables are made of solid wood. The best of both options are tables with slate playing surfaces because it is very smooth.

The biggest advantage of lower-end tables is they are much lighter and easier to move around in your home. In contrast, solid wood tables are very heavy, but they are also beautiful works of art. For more information, contact suppliers of pool tables.