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Things to Do When Your Child Is Involved in Professional Sporting Event Pregame Ceremonies

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It's fun to take your children to professional sporting events, especially if they're fans of the sport in question. The fun factor goes up dramatically, however, if your child gets an opportunity to be involved in a pregame ceremony. Professional sports teams make concerted efforts to involve local children. For example, a Little League baseball team may run onto the field with a professional team and stand on the field for the playing of the anthem, while a youth hockey team may get a chance to skate a lap of the ice before the professional team comes out. If your child has this opportunity, here are some things that you can do.

Equip the Child with an Action Camera

Few things will capture the moment that your child gets to experience in the same way as an action camera. Buy, borrow, or rent this compact device and equip your child with it. This could mean putting the camera on a chest mount that your child will wear, or possibly even considering a head mount. You'll need to remind your child not to fiddle with the camera, and to just ignore it until they come back to you. Afterward, you'll be able to review the footage with your child and be excited about seeing it from their perspective.

Talk to a Photographer

Many parents in your situation make the mistake of snapping photos of their children with their smartphone. The problem with this idea is that you're concentrating on your phone, more than on simply watching your child, and the quality of the images from where you're sitting may be poor. Instead, talk to a professional photographer who is working at the game. For example, if you're at a baseball game and see a photographer at the edge of the field, explain the situation and offer him or her some money to snap some high-quality images of your child.

Don't Burden Your Child with Rules

It can be tempting to give your child a long list of rules before this exciting event. For example, you might remind them to follow the instructions, look at the camera, wave at the crowd, and more. Assorted rules can overwhelm the child and cause him or her to be more focused on the rules than simply enjoying the moment at hand. Take a deep breath and simply allow your child to take part in the experience, regardless of how it goes.

Keep these tips in mind when participating in pregame activities at places like Lincoln Saltdogs Baseball.