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Fishing With Your Parent Who Is Less Independent Than Previous Fishing Seasons

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When you have a parent that loves to fish, spending time together while you both enjoy the hobby can be relaxing. If you have been fishing for decades together, continuing this shared hobby year after year may be very important to both of you. You might start to notice that your parent is having a harder time carrying their gear, or they don't have the same manual dexterity they need to put bait on the hook. It could be difficult for your parent to admit they need help, as this may be the opposite of how you learned to fish in the first place. In order to keep fishing an enjoyable outing for both of you, there are ways to make fishing a bit easier.

Find an Accessible Fishing Spot

A handicapped-accessible fishing spot can be exactly what your parent needs in order to continue fishing in a safe manner. While they may not use a cane or walker, your parent will probably benefit from walking on a smooth, even surface in order to fish. You will be able to set up chairs with ease and go back and forth to the car if necessary when the fishing spot is close to the car.

Pack for Both of You

While your parent will want to have their own gear, make sure you have enough for both of you. If they have become forgetful, having a bit extra on hand will make it possible for both of you to keep fishing. From the bait to extra fishing line, have plenty of supplies just in case.

Bring a Sturdy Chair

If your parent is having a hard time getting in and out of a chair, some folding chairs are very difficult to get in and out of. Invest in a chair that is sturdy enough and has arms that you can push on while standing. Cheap folding chairs are not enough when you have to rely on the arms of the chair in order to stand.

Keep Dry Clothes in the Car

This is good advice for any fishing trip, but even more useful if you get stuck in the rain or one of you happens to slip into the water. Have a change of clothes for both of you in the car, just in case you happen to get wet.

Fishing with your parent should be a fun time, and there are ways to make your day easier with some preparation.

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