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Tip For Buying A Firearm At A Local Gun Shop

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Are you planning to go to a gun shop to purchase a firearm for the first time? It will help to know the following tips so that the experience goes smoothly.

Let The Staff Know You're Purchasing Your First Firearm

If you are walking into a gun store for the very first time, let the staff know that you are looking to make your first firearm purchase and are here to learn. This lets the staff know to ask you questions to help guide your potential purchase and find a firearm that's a good fit for your needs. For example, you may express that you want a firearm for self-defense, target practice, or hunting. The staff can help show you recommended firearms so that you can easily narrow down your selection.

Don't Feel Pressured To Purchase A Firearm Right Away

Understand that there is a bit of a learning process to purchasing a firearm. It is totally reasonable to go into the store to purely seek information and then head back home and do further research. You should never feel pressured to make a purchase.

Be Prepared To Fill Out Paperwork

There is a bit of paperwork that needs to be filled out once you decide to purchase a firearm. For example, there is a federal form that you must fill out that documents the transaction of the firearm, and helps verify that you can legally purchase a firearm. The form is often referred to as ATF form 4473. In addition, you are going to be required to bring identification to prove who you are. You'll need a government ID that has your name, address, and photograph. 

Be Prepared For A Waiting Period

The laws regarding a firearm are different all around the country, which vary by state and by county. Your state may have a waiting period specifically for handguns, assault weapons, or all firearms in general. It is best to look up your state laws so that you know what to expect when you finally decide to make a purchase

Pick Up Your Firearm When It's Ready

When the waiting period is over, you can return to the gun store to pick up your firearm. Expect to sign the ATF form that you filled out earlier, which will confirm that all of the information is still correct. You'll then have a background check run to verify that you are able to legally purchase the firearm, which is done at the end of the process.