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Why It Is Easier To Buy 9mm Ammunition In Bulk

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When it comes to buying any type of ammunition, you are always going to question exactly how much you need. For larger, more powerful guns, the answer is generally going to be less for a multitude of reasons, and that can affect your order for smaller rounds as well. However, this is a mistake and a reason why many people find themselves having to order 9mm ammunition multiple times before ever having to refill their larger caliber stocks. Here are a few reasons why it is almost always easier to buy 9mm ammunition in bulk and save yourself a little bit of hassle.

Easy To Store

Due to its smaller size, 9mm ammunition is no great struggle to store, even when it comes in large amounts. More specialized ammunition or larger caliber rounds might need to be kept in more delicate conditions, but 9mm ammo has no such reservations. Many people store their 9mm ammo in large metal ammo boxes or even plastic tubs, which tells you a little something about how hardy it is as ammo and why you don't need to be particularly finicky about it. That does not mean all ammo can be stored in large amounts, but for 9mm you can definitely do this.

A Large Amount Of Firearms

9mm ammunition might be a popular round because of how many pistols can use it. Pistols and handguns are far more commonly used for protection than larger rifles or shotguns, which is why you find so many houses with 9mm ammunition. If anyone ever wants to borrow any ammo or some friends or relatives come around and want to practice with you at the firing range, then it is easy enough to let them use a couple dozen rounds of 9mm ammunition without worrying about the cost.

Much Cheaper

Any time you are buying ammunition in smaller amounts you are going to be paying a lot more per bullet. When it comes to 9mm ammunition, one of the most produced bullets in the world, it seems silly to be paying a premium just because you aren't using those magazines in the next couple of days. That ammo will get used by the time it becomes unstable, very few people ever keep 9mm ammunition long enough for it to spoil no matter how much they buy. It is just one of those types of bullets that you can never have enough of and always gets used.  

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