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Youth Travel Baseball: Getting More Playing Time

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Travel youth baseball can be a highly competitive environment, and getting more playing time can be a challenge for young players. However, there are several strategies that players can employ to increase their chances of getting more playing time and contributing to their team's success.

Here are some tips to get more playing time when competing on a travel baseball squad:

Preparation and Attitude

Getting more playing time in travel youth baseball requires a combination of hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude.

  • Preparation: one of the best ways to increase playing time is to demonstrate to the coach that you are a dedicated and hardworking player. This means showing up early to practice, being properly equipped with the right gear, and being mentally prepared to work hard and improve your skills.

  • Attitude: coaches value players who are positive and enthusiastic about the game. A positive attitude can help you stand out from other players and demonstrate your commitment to the team. Additionally, maintaining a positive attitude, even when things are not going well, can help you overcome obstacles and contribute to team morale.

Fundamentals, Communication, and Patience  

By showing up early, being prepared, focusing on fundamentals and teamwork, communicating with the coach, and staying positive and patient, young players can increase their chances of contributing to their team's success and becoming valuable members of the team.


In baseball, success is often determined by a player's ability to execute the fundamentals of the game. Work hard on your batting, fielding, and throwing skills, and strive to be a team player who is willing to do what is best for the team. Coaches value players who are willing to put the team's success ahead of their personal goals.


If you are struggling to get playing time, it is essential to communicate with the coach. Ask for feedback on areas where you need to improve and demonstrate your willingness to work hard and improve your skills. Additionally, ask for specific ways you can contribute to the team's success, even if it means playing a different position or focusing on a specific aspect of the game.


It is crucial to stay positive and patient, even if you are not getting as much playing time as you would like. Remember that playing time is often determined by factors beyond your control, such as matchups against opposing teams, injuries, and game situations. Stay focused on improving your skills and contributing to the team's success, and your hard work will eventually pay off.

To get started playing, contact a travel baseball program in your area.